Class Descriptions

There are a variety of beginners, intermediate and advanced classes; classes for everyone. Although the studio focuses on hot yoga classes there are also pilates classes and workshops that are offered. The studio will alter class temperatures and types depending on the season and demand for hours and class levels. Our class schedules are developed from our member feedback and have seasonal changes to meet our clients needs. Our classes are fun, energetic, challenging, and designed to meet all your wellness needs.

Hot R&R (Relax & Restore)

Open to all levels. Enjoy a class with stretching, breathing, movement and relaxation techniques that help relieve the effects of mind and body stress. This class has minimal standing postures and is less vigorous than others.  You will leave feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Hot Yin Yang

Open to all levels. The first half of this yoga class is full of strong ‘yang’ style postures of strength, balance, and heat building; and finishes with calming and lengthening ‘yin’ style postures held for longer periods of time. This allows for warming of the muscles and deep opening in the soft tissues of the hips, pelvis and spine.  If you are looking for a balancing class, with a little bit of everything, this is your class!

Hot Flow

Open to intermediate/advanced levels. In this class, a variety of postures are linked together. Emphasis will be on the synergy of breath and movement to help you deepen your practice. This class is always moving and is set a quicker pace. Great for cardiovascular conditioning.

Hot Sunrise Yoga

Open to all levels. RISE, RESTORE and SHINE in this yoga class! A lovely morning class to wake up the body with classic sun salutations, Yoga poses to increase your energy, flexibility and strength. This morning class incorporates breath work, meditation and opening through poses and slow flowing movements to make you feel calm and ready to take on the day. Get ready to rise with the sun and shine for the rest of the day!

Hot Gentle Hatha

Open to all levels. Practicing Hot Gentle Hatha yoga over time will allow you to develop strength, mindfulness and flexibility. Guided movements in and out of poses slowly, with strong focus on safe alignment, and breath. There will be extra attention to detail, with occasional hands ­on assists, helping you to find a little more ease and comfort in your practice. The class will emphasize breath, relaxation, balance, strength and stretch and is suitable for all levels.

Please check the online schedule for up to date class additions or changes.