Our Staff

Each instructor at Caledonia Hot Yoga brings a wealth of experience, knowledge and individuality to our classes, and all teachers are certified in Yoga or Pilates approved programs. The variety of styles influencing the staff provides a breadth of knowledge on physical poses, philosophy and breathing techniques, so your practice will stay lively. Commitment to a welcoming, inspiring and safe atmosphere will always be the core of your experience.

Our teachers have a deep knowledge of anatomy and are happy to offer modifications to our injured and recovering students. It is important to remember that you know your body best! If you need to take a break, take a break. If something does not feel right, do not do it. Our teachers will never force you to do something that does not feel good; they are simply here to guide you and encourage you to work your hardest.

Bonnie Shapardanis

BonnieYoga is a part of my life. My practice helps me grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully and with purpose.
I completed my Yoga training with YogaFit Canada. I will always be a student of yoga and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me.

In my classes, I love to combine fun sequences with a spirit of learning and challenge to help you deepen and enjoy your practice. I want to help you thrive in your life by nurturing your body, mind and soul with your yoga practice. My goal at the end of class is that you step off your mat feeling refreshed, nourished and balanced.

Tamara Petrie

I have been a student of Yoga since 2004 and have completed a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course through Balance Yoga Studio. I am fluent in teaching Yoga Fusion, Restorative Yoga, beginners, teen, kids, Mom and Baby,Yin Yoga, Flow Yoga, Chair Yoga and Pre-natal Yoga. To further my knowledge in the beautiful art of Yoga I have attended several Yoga seminars at the Toronto Yoga Conference. In 2007 I completed a level 1 Thai Yoga Massage course in the Lotus Palm style of massage.

“Tamara is an enthusiastic and well prepared instructor who is confident, professional and clear in her teaching. Tamara has a soothing and friendly manner that helps her students feel an intimacy and connectedness in her classes”.

I believe that Yoga is a life changing experience that only gets better with time and practise.

Like the Lotus flower we must grow rising above and beyond all obstacles in this life.

Chantelle Perzul

Chantelle has always had a passion for health and fitness. Out of curiosity she took her first yoga class in 2007 at her local gym and she instantly felt drawn to its balance of gentle, healing qualities mixed with physical challenges and mental focus. Since then yoga became a regular practice for Chantelle, she counts her blessings on and off her mat and she appreciates the benefits that yoga brings to her life.

As a way to deepen her practice and step out of her comfort zone she completed De La Sol’s 200hr Teacher Training program in 2016 and has taken workshops on trauma sensitive yoga, meditation and Thai massage.

She aims to create classes that are welcoming and inclusive while being challenging and nurturing. Her wish is for everyone to step off their mat feeling energized, refreshed and ready to take on the day.

Alanna Folsom

Alanna took her first yoga class at the age of 13 with some friends. She took classes here and there until age 21 when she started practising regularly. In order to afford practising at a studio regularly she began to volunteer at a local studio, cleaning or working the desk in exchange for classes. She did this for about 2 years before taking her Teacher Training at Freedom Yoga in Brampton.

Since then she has been working steadily at building her career as an instructor. She teaches yin, vinyasa, hatha and prenatal yoga. Her focus is on relaxing the mind so it can focus as the body moves. Slower classes include a meditative aspect while vinyasa focuses on harnessing inner strength and power.

She believes a good song can turn even the worst day around.

Terra Merritt

Katie Hutton

Katie has been practising yoga on and off for 15 years. She fell in love with yoga when she was 18 years old as a student at McMaster University. Since then her life has gone in many different directions but yoga has always been a constant in her life. After University, she went on to start her career in accounting in Toronto. During her time at the firm, she became very unhappy and sad. She did not know it at the time, but she was struggling with depression and severe anxiety which she was later diagnosed with. She felt very alone and that no one would understand how she was feeling. There was an attitude around the firm that you had to put your feelings aside and just get the work done. In December of 2013 she decided that she needed help. She took a leave of absence from her job and has not looked back since.

Since leaving the firm, she has been on a journey of self discovery and truly learning who she is and being okay with that. She turned to yoga to help support her recovery. Yoga has helped her to slow down, focus on the present moment and truly find a sense of peace. As she continued to explore her own yoga practice, she knew it was the right time to start her journey towards teaching yoga. She started her 200 hours with YogaFit and from the first course, she knew she was in the right place.

Since completing her 200-hour teaching training with YogaFit, Katie is excited to share her passion for yoga and the mind-body connection with her students. Her classes are designed to allow students to find their own sense of peace and to truly let go. She wants to help her students discover their own road to wellness and support them on that journey.

Erin Marlor

Erin worked for several years as a Graphic Designer before leaving her career to stay home with her children. Over the past several years, Erin has worked in various retail positions and most recently was a district Visual Merchandiser with Old Navy.

In 2018, Erin made a decision to make some significant changes in her life and she registered for her first yoga class. She was instantly hooked! She began taking classes nearly every day at the Caledonia Hot Yoga studio and within just months, decided to take her Teacher Training with Yoga Ghar. The course completely transformed her life and Erin is thrilled to now be able to share her passion for yoga with her students. Positivity is the vibe she brings to every class along with encouragement, support and a bit of fun too. Erin truly loves the reward of seeing others grow in their practices as she continues to grow in hers.

Stacey Diem

Stacey DiemStacey attended her first yoga class in Hamilton in 2012. At the time, she was a self-proclaimed work-a-holic in Veterinary Medicine; working 60+ hours a week. She loved the excitement of the unknown that her job brought her, but found herself struggling to sleep from adrenaline highs and a busy mind. She turned to yoga for help and was amazed at the changes in her body, mind and life as a whole. After holding a few different roles in a Hamilton Yoga Studio, Stacey decided to participate in Yoga teacher training in 2018 to advance her own practice and to open up more opportunities to make Yoga accessible to those around her.

Following her YTT, Stacey has been gradually reducing her work in Veterinary Medicine freeing up more time for her yoga practice and working towards a healthier work-life balance. With more time to focus on herself, she has since received additional training in Yin, Restorative, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Yoga Wheel, Foam Roller, Hands on Assists and even Thai Yoga Massage.

Stacey’s personal practice tends to be based more on rest and relaxation as a balancing tool for her otherwise busy lifestyle, but when it comes to teaching, nothing is off limits! She is passionate about creating custom sequences in all styles and at varying levels of difficulty to meet your needs.

After nearly 2 decades of helping animals, Stacey is excited to be able to transition her focus to helping other people find balance in their lives through yoga.

Marlene Campos-Cipriani

Crystal Gratwick