Our Facility

The studio is maintained at 102-104 degrees using a state-of-the art infra-red heating system and high end air purification system that humidifies fresh air, allowing for a therapeutic atmosphere. We have a filtered water system which is available to refill your re-usable water bottles, small boutique items including mats, towels and a mat rental service. Caledonia Hot Yoga also offers affordable yoga-on-a-budget classes / packagers, member discounts, and workshops.

Why Hot Yoga in a Physiotherapy Clinic? The answer is both personal and professional. Heather MacKay and Darlene Losier have a passion for hot yoga but didn’t have the time to commit to a regular practice with busy families and the long drive to other studio’s. “We always feel our best after a hot class – ready to take on the week”. As physiotherapists we also see the value of yoga with injury prevention and rehabilitation. We believe that yoga is beneficial to every “body”. Having a hot yoga studio within Caledonia provides another choice of fitness for those not interested in a gym setting and who are looking for another form of exercise. Just showing up and lying in the heat has its benefits and then incorporating exercise provides many added health benefits

Hot Yoga Studio