Energy Exchangers

Caledonia Hot Yoga is committed to making yoga accessible to everyone in our community.  Our studio offers an Energy Exchange Program that is intended to provide individuals with complementary yoga in exchange for weekly volunteer hours.  This is designed for those who simply want to be involved with the yoga community, expand their yoga practice, or who cannot allocate funds toward a regular yoga practice.

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    How did you learn about the Caledonia Hot Yoga Energy Exchange Program?

    Why are you interested in the Caledonia Hot Yoga Energy Exchange Program?

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    What do you know about yoga?

    Is there anything that you think might interfere with completing your energy exchange position such as school, work commitments, family obligations, etc.?

    What past or present school/work/life experiences can you bring to the Energy Exchange Program?

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    By checking each box, you are acknowledging that you agree with and understand the conditions of the Energy Exchange Program and that you will commit 100% to each guideline/responsibility to the best of your ability.

    I agree and understand:

    My shifts will include screening, check in, cleaning and general studio tasks and responsibilities.

    That I am committed to helping Caledonia Hot Yoga grow and foster a sense of community. Part of my responsibility will be to provide customer service in a warm-hearted, friendly and helpful manner.

    That I must bring a positive attitude to each Caledonia Hot Yoga shift. I understand that having a positive attitude makes Caledonia Hot Yoga a wonderful place to be for the staff and customers. I realize that it may be a hard thing to do at times, but it is an imperative part of my position to shift my vision to that of positivity.

    I understand that I am rewarded for my contribution to the energy exchange program by receiving a credit to my account for a complimentary class for each shift I cover

    I understand I can also participate in any complimentary classes during my shift that have an opening but that I am unable to book the class ahead of time

    I am responsible for one 3 hour shift each week. If I cannot make a shift, it is up to me to get that shift covered with a fellow energy exchanger. If that exchanger misses the swap, I will be responsible for the missed hours. If I agree to swap with an exchanger and do not honor my swap, I understand that I will have to make up that swap in addition to the hours I have committed to.

    I understand that I will use the online COVID screening tool before each shift and on the day of the shift. If I fail the screening I agree to follow up immediately with the managers and to contact the other EE's for coverage

    I understand that it is important that I begin my shift on time as the program and studio operations run more smoothly when I do so. My shift times are from 7:45am to 10:45am.

    After submitting an application you may be contacted for a brief interview. If accepted into the program, we ask you to commit to a 3 month period. Having an EE shift should be treated like a regular paying job; you are expected to show up on time each week for shift. If you can’t come in for some reason (illness, out of town) then it’s your responsibility to have it covered ahead of time. (Switching shifts with other EE’s is an option.)